Admission Process 2021


“Hospicio de Huérfanos de Cartago” and the Jose Figueres Ferrer Experimental Bilingual High School are pleased to provide you with information regarding the admission process 2021. For our institution, symbol of "Academic Excellence and Discipline", it is a pleasure to communicate to the parents and relatives of our future generation, each of the details of this process, with the aim of accompanying and guiding them in the best possible way. Thank you in advance for consulting our admission process.

The José Figueres Ferrer Experimental Bilingual High School is a private education institution that enjoys the autonomy to establish the guidelines of its organization, recognized by the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), duly attached to “Dirección de Educación Privada” Likewise, the Administrative Board of “Hospicio de Huérfanos de Cartago” has the power to design the criteria for the admission and permanence of students in the Institution; thus, it was established in the agreement signed on December 12, 1995 with the MEP. Therefore, as a pioneering educational center in its modality, it has the power to establish its requirements for the upcoming generations. All the services and the study program are contemplated in this web page, please review it carefully.

The admission exam is a requirement established by the Institution. The admission test represents 100% of the grade that allows defining the admitted students, starting from the highest to the lowest grade according to the determined quota. This test aims to establish if the applicant has the skills to function in a demanding academic environment like ours.

For enrollment in the Admission Process to the 2021 school year, the following requirements are established: 1. The primary school student interested in entering must be in the sixth year of Basic General Education, for which he must present proof of the institution in which he is studying, attesting that he is a regular student of that educational center. 2. Cancel the amount of ₡8000 at the Collections Office. 3. Complete the online form that will be implemented to register for the process. 4. In case of having any type of Curricular Support, you must present a certification from the Institution of origin duly signed and stamped by the principal where the support received is recorded.

The cost approved by the Administrative Board of “Hospicio de Huérfanos de Cartago” for the Admission process to the 2021 school year is ₡8000 (eight thousand colones). Which must be paid at the Collection Office of the Institution. It is important to note that payment itself does not constitute a right to take the test, you must complete all other requirements established in a timely manner.

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"Hospicio de Huérfanos de Cartago" (HHC) in use of the rights conferred by law No. 4609 of August 8th, 1970 and the Agreement signed between HHC and the MEP on December 12th, 1995 establishes the following Regulations for the Admission Process to the José Figueres Ferrer Experimental Bilingual High School.

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The link of the Registration Form will be enabled from September 06th to September 19th, 2020.

Registration form

Registration form

The main objective of this practice is to give you a clearer idea of ​​the type of exam that the student must pass to enter the High School. However, it is valid to mention that this practice does not cover all the types of reasoning or exercises that will be evaluated in the test. Instead, the success in the exam is the outcome of an educational process developed in primary education. This section consists of a general practice. This practice is not exhaustive. For admission to the 2021 school year, the test will assess the area of ​​Spanish, namely: level of reading comprehension, analogies, fundamental and complementary ideas, literary figures, ordering of paragraphs, cause and effect relationships, appreciative code, interpretation of images, synonyms, antonyms, sayings, idiomatical expressions and literary language. Important note: it is remembered that the student must be 30 minutes before the test to comply with the sanitary protocols and the location in the classroom, He/She must wear the full uniform and have an appropriate identification with photo, if possible a minor's identification or a school’s card with a photo or other identification that does not leave any doubt of the identity (otherwise the test will not be allowed), all this in case of taking the test in person. Recommendation: the day of the exam the student should be as calm as possible, serenity is an important factor for the optimal development of the test.

Practice for the test

Practice for the Admission test


Glossary for the Admission Test